Ostrich Momma’s empty pocket

Having to hide the younger sibling’s nonchalance from the father is easily the single most annoying yet inevitable act in an elder sibling’s miserable life.

Throw in the innocence of a two year old and you will be forced to do that long impending investment on an over-priced barren land to bury your head like Meow’s new favorite bird – the ostrich.

The other day I was having a heated argument with my mother about my brother’s callous attitude. I usually ensure my father doesn’t get to know about it because, you know, fathers are fathers. Meow was sitting along with us, sipping orange juice from her bottle and pretending to read a book upside down.

Suddenly she said “Tha tha…………” (Grandpa). My father was heading down from the room upstairs.

We were startled, stopped our argument at once and literally thanked Meow for notifying us. She grinned. We should have sensed it as a sign; but we were too busy applauding her observation skills.

She then gestured him to sit beside her. When he inquired me about the topic of our argument (He had apparently heard us albeit not clearly), I said “It was about Meow” and Meow promptly interfered with a “No no no no. Tha tha See”. My brother’s name is Sri (See in toddler-tongue).

I started counting my savings at once. Should this continue, my pockets would promptly go empty in buying acre after acre to bury my head.

I honestly wish she gets more homework from school. Preschools these days .. what do I tell you!