Meow is a two year old toddler who likes to think that she is a cat that loves cheese and goes to preschool to play in the swing.

She has three books and a page in each of those is now a boat in her front yard.

She can point out a “Twinkle star”, “Mon(d)i” and “O-m(b)ama” in almost everything she sees on TV.

Meow goes around the house like a cat on all fours and calls out for help saying “Meow keela” when she trips; “Keela” being the toddler-tongue for “down” in Tamil.

Meow’s Momma:

Just like my daughter, who thinks she is a cat, I tend to think I am Wonder Woman.
I want to be an exceptional parent, write a book like the Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy and do that disruptive research in Cognitive Neuroscience all at the same time albeit not being fully qualified to handle any of these.
What I am though, is an amateur writer who has been constantly rambling since 2008 in one form or the other. My latest fad is to attempt a parenting blog and you are reading the result of it.