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The Hexbug conundrum

Our city just got it’s first Hamleys.

The only thing I checked out of the store was a Hexbug nano. It was an impulse buy I admit,  a feeble attempt to protest against the pink club buying barbies by the dozen.

A corner of my heart wanted to pick a barbie too; mostly from the guilt of not giving Meow any girly examples except Tinker Bell; who herself works more like a mechanic than a fairy. At other times, she spends time with Little Krishna and his silly friends, Charlie Chaplin and Mister Maker.

Even though I felt guilty, I was not apprehensive about her liking the little jittery bug that resembles a rather tall cockroach without wings or antenna. She did not disappoint me. The moment it was unpacked from the box and let out on the floor, she ran behind it, caught it between her fingers and threatened me saying that the cockroach in her hand was about to bite me. Then she put it down again and ran behind it for 20 straight minutes. I felt relieved.

She was not afraid of bugs earlier either, but now I can say that she won’t be an easy catch for guys who would want to save her from a cockroach. They’d have to fight something bigger, like a T-Rex.

And oh, she might even own a bug jar and choose to study Entomoloy


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