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It is a testing time for my books.

Of late Meow has picked up the habit of surfing my bookshelf. She can now reach for a book all by herself, loudly call out the dominant color on the cover and fish a bookmark out in no time.

While picking one from the shelf is cake walk for her as well as the books, I should admit that a little part of me dies everytime Meow tries to read and put one back all by herself. My once healthy shelf is now an ER full of paper backs with dog eared covers, naked hard covers in an identity crisis and and other books with painful tears. 

In a way I am actually glad about it. Atleast she tries to engage with them rather than having learnt to play subway surf. The only game she(as well as momma) gets to play is the 2d dino jump that appears on a Chrome browser disconnected from the internet.


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