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Fallen Stars


When I turned at the corner of the street at 8 PM and paced towards home, the first thing that caught my attention was the Meow was out in the middle of the street.

She had squatted comfortably; both her hands were caressing the dirt on the road as if it were an over fed golden retreiver’s neck. My mother was engrossed in her grand daughter’s antics.

I went straight to my mother and argued about why she had let Meow play in the dirt and reminded her that she might get rashes (and also that I am an over reacting parent whose pregnancy hormones quite firmly refused to leave).

She smiled and called on Meow to checkout who had come home.

Meow pointed to the twinkling asphalt particles on the road and cried, “Mummy Chee… Twikkle shar…. Keela.” (The twinkle stars have fallen down.)

So has momma 😦

via Daily Prompt: Twinkle


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