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Childing, Parenting and Dictating

Childing is when your toddler tries to doodle on the laptop screen assuming it would respond to touches like the Ipad.

Parenting in my opinion is to doodle along with her on the laptop screen and create an imaginary painting; not telling her that the screen is unresponsive – she will learn that herself. When she learns that, the doodling will stop automatically.

Asking her to take her to stop doodling without giving her a reason is dictating.

Sometimes it is okay to dictate. For example: When you are done doing a hundred such imaginary paintings and she is still not bored of it; at this point you might want to use a little dictating and get her a cheap third hand laptop that does not run.

Remember, dictating moderately and at the right times is the key to parenting(as well as to writing, governing, diplomacy and a dozen other radical things that change the world).

The more confident a dictator you are , the less you will be considered a dictator by your child. She will worship you as the almighty who can silence her at times for no apparent reason.

Go ahead, try some.




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