How to train your Meow

Toddlers never do anything we order them to do. Take my word for that. They pay attention to something only when it is mutually beneficial for the both of you. And then at times, they don’t pay attention at all, period. But it’s okay. She is a toddler, not a broker.

Meow will never agree to shower if I tell her she needs to get rid of all  the germs from her body or she might fall ill. However she will grin like a Stanley Ipkiss with a mask if I tell her that showering also means playing in water and making soap bubbles.

Same goes for cleaning up after eating. If I tell her she needs to place her plate in the sink after eating because it is good manners, she’ll most certainly go “No no no no no no”. But when I say throw it in the sink and you can hear a “clang”, she’ll run to the kitchen like her life depends on it.

Brush your teeth – “No no no no no no no no”. Care to eat some fluoride free strawberry flavored tooth paste ? Hell yeah.

Come lets read a book – “No no no no no no no no”. Do you want to tear pages off it? You know the drill.

Yet, there are some days when he/she will chose to just stick with her “No” no matter what sugar coated goodies you offer.

The best part of this drama is when such a day occurs at school in front of the tiger/ helicopter/ bullet train moms who are bragging about how obedient and perfect their preschooler is; all it takes for them is just a raised eyebrow and a fraction of a second. Yours might not pay heed even if your eyebrows are stuck at the top of your head for rest of the month. You would be forced to wish for your child to magically turn into Noddy (I mean literally nodding for everything you say).

I have wondered many a time of a life where Meow was like their children. No matter how many times I wonder, thoughts converge at this point: “This blog would not have surfaced.”

Your toddler rebelling in front of others might feel like an Ostrich moment*,  but come to think of it, this is actually a very subtle sign of your toddler’s shoe size getting bigger.

Be proud momma, you’ve done a good job.

Not that one should neglect a child’s disobedience but one should accept that sometimes they behave like that for a reason and the reason is that they don’t need a reason – they are toddlers after all.

*Ostrich moment: Feeling like burying your head to hide from the world.




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