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Neigh Patchface

Neigh the horse fractured her leg while entertaining a (huge) bunch of dimwits at the race track. Her master got it fixed at the nearest hospital and was anxious to make Neigh race again as quickly as possible for his fortune at the race track would be at stake otherwise.

Poor Neigh wanted to escape from his clutches and so managed to leave the stable at fall of dusk with the help of Nina the bull dog. Once in the streets, Neigh went in search of a place to spend the night. It was cold, dark and windy; all signs of an impending storm and Neigh hated rains.

A few minutes passed and Neigh spotted a dim light at a distance where a lonely house stood. The sign in front of the house read “Dr. Jolly’s Homeopathy Clinic”. The house also had a stable where another horse like Neigh stood sleeping.

The door opened even before Neigh knocked and in there was a tiny man with a sharp nose. He was busy singing a jolly tune, mixing a green potion and afterwards sprinkled them on small, white mustard sized balls. He greeted Neigh without turning back and a genie offered her some warm horse gram.

The doctor was very friendly towards Neigh and suggested that she spend a few nights at the house until she healed. Neigh was delighted and thanked the doctor for his kindness. She then went to the stable, sat beside the standing horse and slept soundly through the stormy night.

In the morning, Neigh’s stable mate Nathan, woke her up and took her around the garden where they spoke about so many things from Napoleonic cavalry to modern equestrian sports. Later in the day, Neigh’s fracture caused her moan in pain and the doctor, with his never fading smile, gave her some potion to ease the pain.


Nathan and Neigh became great friends over the next few days. One morning when Neigh asked him what he had been doing before he came to stay with the doctor, Nathan revealed a secret that changed Neigh’s life forever.

Nathan had been a lazy, sleepy, peasant who was once down with an unknown fever that lasted for months. He visited Dr. Jolly for treatment and learnt of the latter’s magical skills. Since he wanted to stay lazy, sleep as he pleases even while standing and do nothing for the rest of his life, Dr. Jolly turned him into a horse.

Neigh was gobsmacked. She went to the Dr. Jolly and asked him for a favour. She explained to him how she had always wanted to be a unicorn and not just any plain horse with a shabby face who was treated badly. “A unicorn will be treated like a princess.”, Neigh dreamily spoke to Dr. Jolly.

Dr. Jolly being the nice bloke he is, promptly turned her into a plush unicorn, wrapped her as a gift and placed her on a two year old’s birthday table.

Let us call the birthday girl Meow. Unfortunately for Neigh, Meow was having a bad stint of constipation and was moody on her birthday. As much as she would have loved to build a castle for Neigh, her neurons went astray due to the constipation and the very first thing she did with neigh was to pull apart that adorable horn from her face.

After two days, Meow’s constipation was gone and she did build a castle for the horn less, patch faced Neigh. They are bosom buddies now.





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