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Don’t leave your luggage behind

To me, guests usually mean mental disaster of unimaginable extent.

When that person happens to be that aunt who comes with two mangoes from her yard, a truck load of gossip and revolting advises, the only thing I feel like doing is to pick up those ill fitting palazzo pants and run into oblivion.

Every time she leaves my house there would arise and over-whelming desire to scrub the floor clean and switch on exhaust fans. Sometimes, the vibes she leaves behind are so strong that I can sense myself turning into her for a brief period of time before being slapped back into consciousness.

I never really wanted to touch those mentally sick mangoes she brought. I strongly believed they were the source of the vibes after her departure. They would go straight into the oral cavity of the cows in the neighborhood next morning, but until then the vibes would revolve around like wisps of impending doom.

This time though, Meow saved me from those deadly vibes that would have been sent out by her mangoes.

When the aunt got ready to leave, poor Meow assumed that she is unintentionally leaving behind something she brought into the house(the mangoes) and handed the bag over to her. The aunt tried to reason it with her but the next moment Meow rolled on the floor, cried at the top of her voice, kicked her legs in the air and insisted that the aunt take it along with her since she was the one who brought it.

Needless to say, Meow brought to life what I had dreamt of doing every time this aunt got up to leave the house.


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