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Trampoline on Ipad


  • Scrub the floor clean with tooth paste – Check
  • Empty water bottle on the tiled floor – Check
  • Try to shove pastel crayons inside accidentally open power sockets – Check
  • Leave lego bricks all around the hall so Momma can yell “Ouch” at periodic intervals – Check
  • Pile up pillows, reach window sill and open velcro from insect guaze – Check
  • Snatch biscuits offered to guests at home as if Momma made you starve the whole day (Throw biscuits away at other times) – Check
  • Go around the house half naked, upper half on Monday, lower half on Tuesday and so on – Check
  • Throw a tantrum for wearing stinking, soiled pants – Check
  • Imagine a trampoline on Ipad- Check
  • Hide mobile phones inside dustbin – Check
  • Pay absolutely no attention when Momma tries to stop you from doing further mischief – Check

Meow’s autonomy.


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