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Lady’s finger

There are two things a parent dreads the most about his/her toddler.

  1. Their love for disgusting things
  2. The razor sharp teeth

Meow bites my cheeks occasionally, when I run a couple of minutes late to fill her milk bottle or am involved in an interesting conversation with someone else not paying attention to what she is trying to convey. It was acceptable, given that she is just learning to convey things through words and not just by crying her heart and the neighborhood’s ears off.

All was fine until she accidentally bit my thumb once. I am still baffled if there is some kind of a special honey like enzyme that oozes out of it; for from that day she bites on it for no apparent reason. Like how a famished goat would take its first bite on okra. Just a bite and then a giggle on hearing me squeak.

Such incomprehensible childhood pleasures !


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