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Winged biscuits

Meow, the namesake of this blog, is my two year old daughter who likes to think she is a cat.

Today was Meow’s third day at preschool and the second consecutive day of biscuits(Bichi) in the snacks box.

She had happily thrown it away because she did not want it.

When I went to pick her up, the first thing she told me was “Mummy. Bichi thooki !!!”, followed by mimicking the gesture in the figure above. She was enthusiastically swinging her hand again and again. More biscuits thrown away in memory land; pity them.

Something struck me in the middle of all this. If you are young enough to quickly travel back twenty five years in twenty five milliseconds, you would see a girl like Meow who did not like “Bichi” either but had not thought of throwing it away as an option; much less, bragging about it to her mother. Fast forward ten years and that girl in flash back would still have been too timid to consider that as a option.

Yet, here is my two year old Meow who does it quite comfortably; back straight, chin up and all that. I desperately wanted to reassure myself saying that it has to do with the generation and not just her, but she proved me wrong by repeating the process, this time, with her classmate’s “Bichi”. That boy’s look on the face resembled that of the girl from the flash back.

What have I raised ?

Fast forward ten years from now; I see a storm brewing. It gives me chills down the spine.





2 thoughts on “Winged biscuits

  1. Nice start.. bichi thooki with fig. Explanation…who knew even we must hav done wen we were young.. good our parents hav not blogged😂


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