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Veye Pata

Karma is a female dog.

Preface: Once, I walked out of singing classes for good because the teacher snored as soon as I started singing.

Every night since Meow was born, the best thing about every day in my life was singing lullabies. The lucky brat always gets more than what she needs because momma wants to boast her language skills. One night it will be a Tamil lullaby, next day a Telugu one, then Malayalam and sometimes English. She thoroughly enjoyed it too, giving me little cues during bed time to begin singing.

All was fine until she learned three new words, “Veye” -> another, “Paata” -> song and “Peese” -> please.

The ritual starts at 10 and goes on well into midnight. I’ll start off with one song, she’ll listen to it for a good three times and then say “Veye Paata”. Another one, few more times and then “Veye Paata”. Encore. And yet again, till she finds out that momma passed out a long time ago amidst the hullabaloo. Then she will slap her hand not so gently on my cheeks n number of times till I wake up from the temporary haven, grin at me like Marty in Madagascar and say “Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Veye Paata Ma. Peese Ma!”.


I would half soberly wish Meow had the same mutation as my erstwhile singing teacher.






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